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Body Bliss

As I lay on the table feeling the shifting energies in my body from my acupuncture treatment -- yes, practitioners should get regular treatments to be a healthy vessel for treating others – I realized how few opportunities we have to get out of our heads and be in our bodies.

Even sex may not be purely physical when we use fantasies to get us to the ultimate destination.

Once needles are placed in the appropriate point locations to rebalance whatever it is that is causing pain, distress, discomfort, disease, you name it, the mind is forced to pay attention to the physical form.

Being a witness to the mechanics of breathing, the flow of blood through the veins, the soft beat of the heart and the tingling of energy as it is rebalanced.

And if you are like me, the more energy work you engage in, the more you feel the subtle movement. Energy could be shifting from one location to another, gently taking my awareness along for the ride. Or energy could be releasing knot in the muscle like a snake unwinding from its tight coil and I feel the expansion and relax.

My breath is softer, deeper, peaceful. My thoughts are no longer taking control, nor are they dictating my next action or reciting a to-do list. Instead, I am merely being and it feels so good. Is that all it takes to find peace and comfort?

Simply the invitation to lay in silence alone in a room for a prescribed amount of time filled with needles that act as keys to unlock held tension, emotion, and perhaps unwanted memory.

Thank you practitioner for the ticket to freedom of the mind and pleasure in my body, my senses!

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